Sunday, August 12, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Set Regarding versus Track

A client recently asked “What is the difference between the "Track" and "Set Regarding" options for promoting emails to CRM?"

"Track" is a quick way to just promote the email into CRM without further classification. "Set Regarding" not only promotes the email to CRM but also classifies it to the appropriate account, contact, opportunity, case etc. at the same time. The option to automatically track emails can be found in the CRM Outlook Client personal options Email tab. Here you can specify whether emails should be automatically tracked and which emails should be tracked:

* All Email messages

* Email messages sent in response to CRM emails

* All Emails sent from CRM Leads, Contacts and Accounts

* Email messages from CRM records that are email enabled.

CRM will try and auto-resolve all of the contacts on the email distribution list to a CRM contact, or user record. The email is implicitly classified by the "From" email address that it was sent from (or "To", "Cc", "Bcc").
If CRM, cannot resolve a contact from the distribution list, it will show as unresolved. If CRM is able to successfully resolve the email to a contact record, the email will then appear in all the resolved contacts "Closed Activities". Not only that, the email will also appear in parent "related regarding" roll-up views. 

The above is performed as part of email resolution process regardless of whether you elected to use "Track" or "Set Regarding". Which therefore means that had you just used the "Track" option for the email, you still are able to have it be associated with the appropriate contact and parent account.

Therefore for emails if your only requirement is to track the email to the corresponding contact record in CRM then selecting "Track" should be sufficient.

If you wish to relate the email to some other "less obvious" entity (case, opportunity, lead etc.), then you need to use the "Set Regarding" feature.