Wednesday, August 22, 2012

QuickBooks: New 2012 Timesheet Entry

Can you please help me? I have a client who needs to enter a massive amount of information to employee’s timesheets in QuickBooks 2012.

She has to enter the same information for several for several employees that work on the same job.  She does not want to reenter the information over and over again.  Is there a trick to getting the same information to a different timesheet for a different employee?

There is a wonderful new feature in QuickBooks 2012 called batched timesheets. To successfully create batch timesheets for QuickBooks 2012 do this first:
1. Enable time tracking in QuickBooks:
·         Log into QuickBooks as the QuickBooks Administrator in Single-User
·         Click on the Edit menu and select-> Preferences> Time & Expenses>
      Company Preferences tab
·         In the Time Tracking – Do you track time? Select Yes and set the First
      Day of Work Week.
2. Enable the Use time data to create paychecks for each employee:
·         Click the Employees menu select Employee Center> click Employees
     tab> Click on the Employee that you would like to enable Use time data to
      create paychecks
for> click Edit Employee button in the upper right or
     Double-Click the employee's name.
·         Click the down arrow in the Change tabs:> choose Payroll and
       Compensation Info
·         Make sure the Use time data to create paychecks box is checked.
·         Click OK in the upper right to save the changes for this employee.
·         Repeat for each employee in your employee list.

To create Batch timesheets for an Employee or Vendor:
  ·         Click Employees menu.
  ·         Click on enter Time> Use Weekly Timesheet.
  ·         Click the Name drop down and scroll to the very top. 
            Choose multiple names (Payroll)... or multiple names (Non-Payroll)...
  ·         Select the names from the Select Employee, Vendor or Other Name box,
            click OK.
  ·         Fill in the timesheet then click Save & New or Save & Close to record the
            timesheet for the multiple Employees or Vendors.
QuickBooks will have recorded the same timesheet for the multiple names that were selected.

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