Friday, September 14, 2012

GoldMine : Convderting a SQL Query to a GoldMine Group

Ah, SQL. The most effective way to ask questions of your database. If you're used to using SQL queries to get information out of GoldMine, you may not know that you can convert those SQL queries (actually, the results) into a GoldMine Group!

1. Run your SQL query as usual in the SQL Query window in GoldMine.

2. Leave the results as they are, click over to the Groups Tab.

3. Right click in the top half and select "New".

4. Give your new Group a descriptive name, click Ok. (Make sure that "Build the Group" is checked)

5. In the first panel of the Group Building Wizard, select "SQL Query Records".

6. You may "Next" your way through the rest of the Wizard.

 You should now see your new Group populated with the Contacts returned by your SQL Query.

This is a great way to leverage the features of GoldMine (which almost always depend on Groups/Filters) and have your cake, too!

Note: In order to convert SQL Query results to a GoldMine Group, the ACCOUNTNO field MUST be part of the selected columns. This is the primary key that joins all GoldMine tables.

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