Friday, September 14, 2012

GoldMine : Mass Completion of Activities

One of the historical issues with GoldMine and employee turnover is that you end up with a ton of records in GoldMine that will never be Completed/Deleted. Did you know that you can "Auto-Update" all activities for a User and either Complete or Delete them?

1. Bring up your Activity list by selecting Go To | Activities from the top level menu.

2. Find the Activities you want to update, using the Date Range and User drop downs.

3. Right click within the Activity List, select Options | Auto-Update.

4. The Auto-Update window now gives you the ability to automatically Complete or Delete all the Activities you selected at once. Select the appropriate option for you and click "Ok".

It may take awhile to delete/complete all the Activites you selected. Also, it is important to remember that before any kind of update process, the entire database should first be backed up.

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