Friday, September 14, 2012

GoldMine : Yet Another Way to Schedule an Item

GoldMine is full of different ways to get to the same place. For example, did you know that you can drag and drop a Contact from the Search Center onto the Calendar to schedule an Appointment?

1. You will need to see both your Calendar and Search Center windows at the same time. If using GoldMine Premium (tabbed version), simply click on the little tab with four squares on it (upper left hand side). This will release your tabs into separate windows. To revert to the tabbed interface, simply maximize any GoldMine window.

2. Start searching for the Contact you want to schedule in the Search Center.

3. After finding the contact, simply click-drag their row in the Search Center into the Calendar window.

4. GoldMine will now prompt you to fill in the Scheduled Item detail, just as if you had clicked Schedule | Appointment from the top level menu.

Try it!

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