Monday, September 24, 2012

QuickBooks: Know What Version Before Opening!

“Hello, Is there a way to know which version (year) a QB file is before opening it? I’m a small bookkeeper working with several clients, and they have different versions of QuickBooks (2010, 2011, and now 2012).  I don’t want to open a data file in the wrong year.”

In your windows explorer file, right click on the QBW file and click Properties. Then click on QuickBooks tab. This should give you the version of QuickBooks. This works with backups and company files. The only time that you are likely to run into a problem is if you are running windows and the backup/file is MAC. 
Here is a good tip for keeping them straight on your computer so you don’t have to wonder each time:  put their QuickBooks data files in a file with the year - so if they are using QuickBooks 2010, they go into a folder titled QB2010 clients, the 2011 into a folder titled QB2011 clients and same for 2012 and so on.. Then, if you  try to open a 2011 file using your 2012 software...#1 - it isn't in the list and #2 - it will say, "… are you SURE you want to do this".

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