Monday, September 24, 2012

QuickBooks: Organizing Memorized Reports

I am a believer in Memorize as much as possible – including reports. But, if your reports are not in an order or titled in a way that makes sense – you will spend just as much time looking for a report as you may in creating it from scratch. 

Here are some thoughts.

Set up your customized groups

-       Weekly Reports
-       Monthly Reports
-       Special Reports

If you want to create these so they are at the top of the list… put an “AAA” or something in front of them. QuickBooks works in alpha order.

Now, for the reports themselves, remember that consistency works best and helps you to remember – so follow this example for something that may be in Weekly and/or Monthly reports:

-       Weekly sales – Rep A
-       Weekly sales – Rep B
-       Weekly sales – Rep C

Monthly commission report
-       Commission – Rep A
-       Commission – Rep B
-       Commission – Rep C