Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GoldMine : Queuing E-mails Whilst a Hurricane is Brewing

It's hard to imagine the Internet, just a scant twenty years ago, was as prone to outages as my iPhone service is when I'm indoors. Nowadays, it's more like the [land line] telephone service; you can count on it pretty much all the time. So in those unthinkable instances where we find ourselves without the ability to send e-mail, surf the web or (gasp) read the news online, what is one to do?

One of the nicest things about e-mail in GoldMine is the ability to Queue messages for later sending. The "Queue" button is directly to the right of the "Send button" on the top toolbar of the E-mail center. It looks like a little envelope with a tiny clock on it.

When you Queue a message instead of Sending it, it ends up in your Outbox. When I'm without Internet, I'll reply to all my (downloaded) e-mails by Queuing them. Then, when Internet comes back online, I can simply go my Outbox, right-click on my list of emails and select "Send All".

Pro Tip : This is also a good idea to use when mass e-mailing to a Filter or Group. Queuing instead of Sending gives you that last chance to abort the sending if something should happen to be amiss with the message.

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