Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GoldMine : Warning Clients of an Impending Service Outage

Ah, the business life. Phone calls, e-mails, meetings, lunches, and hurricanes. If your work week has been anything like mine, most of your clients are at home sandbagging their front porches. So how do you communicate to your customers that you'll be going home to bail out the basement for the next few days?

GoldMine Mail Merging, that's how. Ordinarily used for drip-marketing, there is no reason why this can't be used to send out any kind of notification you want.

1. The first step is creating an e-mail template to send. Something along the lines of "We'll be closed for the next few business days; for emergencies call, etc".

See link below;


2. Once your template is created, you are ready to send using the E-mail Merge tool. (Tools | E-mail Merge)

3. On the Template tab, select the Template you wish to send. (If you created the Template under your GoldMine username, you may need to drop down the "User" list and select yourself.)

4. On the Recipient tab, select the Filer or Group that should get the E-mail template sent to them by selecting "All Contacts in the Following Filter or Group".

5. Under "Delivery", it is always a good idea to select "Queue for Delivery" instead of "Send now". This allows you to send the e-mails "after" they are merged. (Go to your Outbox, right click and "Send all")

I wish I saw more folks using this for regular communication instead of pure marketing. Try it!

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