Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GoldMine : Watching Hurricanes and Inboxes

I'm not sure which is more potentially dangerous and costly; Hurricane Sandy or a GoldMine Inbox that is Too Full. The reason I say this is because I'll often get the following tech support call;

"My e-mail is disappearing from GoldMine".

Unlike Outlook and those of it's ilk, GoldMine actually wants us to do something with our downloaded e-mail messages. Reply to Them, Delete Them, File Them. GoldMine doesn't care as long as it's something to get it out of the Inbox.

The reason is this; your GoldMine Inbox is getting larger every day, and some day it will come up against how many messages it can display properly. The average limit is somewhere around 2000 (or so-ish). It seems to be a little different for each installation. When you get to this "limit", nothing is LOST, but you won't be able "to find" newly downloaded e-mails as they are not displayed.

What's happening is GoldMine can only draw so many items in the Inbox list. And if you start deleting things out of desperation, you'll find that for every "old" e-mail you delete, a "new" one takes it's place in the list.

To fix this, you will need to Reply, Delete or File a bunch of stuff in your Inbox. Since replying isn't exactly practical, you may feel free to Delete or File. Deleting does just what it says. Filing takes the message out of the Inbox and puts it into the Client's History Tab.

To do this;

1. From within your Inbox, select the items you wish to File by CTRL-Clicking or Range Selecting using SHIFT-Click.

2. Right click on your selected items and select "Fast File".

3. GoldMine will now attempt to file away all the selected messages. I say "attempt", because you will need to do this operation (typically) in 100 message "chunks". I find that trying to Fast File a few hundred at a time can take a little longer than it should.

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