Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HEAT - Setting Expiration Dates on HEAT Passwords

You can set expiration dates on HEAT passwords. If implemented, users are prompted at logon to type a new password. HEAT also contains an option to prompt users to change their passwords before they expire.

You can force users to reset their passwords at any time by checking the User must change password at next login check box on the Users dialog box. Refer to Add Users.

If you do not require users to type a password when logging onto HEAT, do not set an expiration date.

To Set an Expiration Date on a HEAT Password:

In the Administrator main window, select Security>HEAT Password from the menu bar. The Password dialog box opens.

Select the Password Expires option.

In the Password expires after field, type or select the number of days until the password expires (for example, 90).

In the Prompt for change field, type or select the number of days prior to expiration you want HEAT to prompt the user to change the password. Leave the default of 0 if you do not want to prompt the user.

Click OK.

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