Sunday, October 28, 2012

QuickBooks: Posting Transactions – Date Sensitivity

QuickBooks automatically prefills the date field in every transaction and report you create. In many cases, the date that QuickBooks prefills is not the date you want or need.  Therefore, you should always verify that the date specified by QuickBooks is the correct date for the particular transaction or report.
 Additionally, you should verify that you are not posting transactions to a date in a period that has been “closed”.  Unfortunately, QuickBooks allows users to post new transactions to a prior period if they have access to change or delete transactions recorded before the closing date.
Report Dates
Every QuickBooks report automatically specifies a default date range each time the report is created. You should always verify that the default date range is correct.
You can change the date range by:

  • Selecting a different preset date range (e.g., today, this month, this fiscal quarter, this fiscal year-to-date, last fiscal year, etc.) from the “Dates” drop-down list at the top of the report.

  • Entering a time period not specified by one of the preset date ranges in the “From” and “To” fields at the top of the report, by entering the dates manually or by clicking the calendar symbol to the right of the dates and then clicking the arrows on the calendar to select the applicable month and year and then clicking on the applicable day.

NOTE:  You should click the “Refresh” button at the top of the report after changing the date range.
You can choose a personal preference that automatically refreshes reports. To turn this preference on, select “Preferences” from the “Edit” menu. Select the “My Preferences” tab under “Reports & Graphs” and then select “Refresh automatically.”
Check Dates 
QuickBooks allows users to pay bills or write checks on a particular day but not print the checks until a subsequent day.  When you print the check on a later date, QuickBooks automatically prints the payment date specified in the “Pay Bills” window or the date specified in the “Write Checks” window as the check date.

To print the date that the check is actually being printed you can select “Preferences” from the “Edit” menu and then select “Checking” from the “Preferences” scroll box. You should then check the “Change check date when check is printed” box in the “Company Preferences” tab.

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