Sunday, October 28, 2012

QuickBooks: Tracking Timesheet Hours vs. Hours Invoiced

I’m looking for a report that I can use to compare hours reported on timesheets (hours that have been paid out) and the hours that have been invoiced/ paid for.

I’ve also noticed it’s possible to add time to timesheets that have already been billed.  Is there a way that I can prevent this from happening?
Thanks for your help.

The following reports should give you the information that you want: 
The Time by Job Detail Report which is available in all versions (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise).  You access it from the Reports menu -> Jobs, Time & Mileage.  If you don’t see a Billing Status column, click the Customize Report button and on the Display tab, check Billing Status. Once the Billing Status column has been activated you can tell if the time is billable, not billable, or has been billed.

If you are using the Premier Contractor or Enterprise Contractor versions, check out the Billed/Unbilled Hours by Person and Job Report; access it from the Reports menu -> Contractor Reports.  This report is very easy to read as it has columns for Billed, Unbilled, and Not Billable.

As you noted, it is possible to add more hours to a timesheet after you’ve created paychecks and after you’ve pulled unbilled time into customer invoices.  This feature has its good and bad points. It’s great if you discover that you didn’t enter all of an employee’s time and shorted him/her in their paycheck and want to get those missed hours into your job costing reports.
As for preventing someone’s ability to enter time after the fact, in Pro or Premier you can edit various user accounts and on the Time Tracking window, set their status as No Access – this means the user in question would not be able to access any of the time tracking functions at all – including the ability to create reports (so you do want to be careful with these settings).  Another approach is to set a closing date password after you’ve pulled billable time into Invoices.  That way, you would be the only one who could modify any existing timesheet entries by providing the closing date password.

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Molly said...

Thanks, very helpful. It's what we use as well, though I must admit I don't feel so confident in it.