Thursday, November 29, 2012

GoldMine : Activity Types and their Different Uses

Clicking on your "Complete" or "Schedule" menu in GoldMine can be an aggravating experience. You'll notice there are several different Activity Types to choose from. And for the most part, they're all kind of equivalent. All need a Date, a User and usually, a Reference. But that's where the similarities end.

Here is a list of the different types and their respective uses;

Phone Call - The simplest and most frequently used Type. Appears on the graphical calendar as a "phone" icon.

Appointment - The is the default Type selected if you drag out a time on the Calendar. These appear as a pair of shaking hands.

Next Action - Here is where the Types start to "lose meaning". A Next Action can be anything; typically used to identify "internal" or busy work which isn't necessarily communicated with the client. Appears on the Calendar as a push pin.

Sale - The only Activity Type that has fields for a Dollar amount. You'll notice that there are Quantity and Price fields, but these are actually optional. You don't necessarily need to be selling Widgets in order to capitalize on this feature.

Literature Request - Probably the most complicated Activity Type. This allows you to Schedule or Complete an item for the Contact Record out of your Literature Fulfillment Center (Go To | Literature)

GoldMine E-mail - Used under the Schedule menu, this item appears for the scheduled user as an item in their GoldMin inbox, but is never "sent" using an e-mail server.

Event - The only Activity Type that has a non-standard Duration. You'll have noticed that most Types have the option of specifying the Duration in Hours or Minutes. Events are Days long, and do not appear on the graphical Calendar.

To-Do - The lightest weight Type. To-do's don't require a Date, just a User, some notes and a Priority. To-Do's appear on the Calendar in the Task Pane (lower left hand corner).

Happy Scheduling!

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