Thursday, November 29, 2012

GoldMine : Create a Case from an E-mail

The Cases module is something that was added to GoldMine Premium. It lets you track Service Tickets against Contact Records. A lot of our clients like to be able to create a new Case from an E-mail (typically this is how new "issues" are submitted).

To do this;

1. Open the e-mail you want to create a Case from.

2. Click on the "Link to Opportunity..." button from the top toolbar (within the e-mail message).

3. Click on the "New" button next to "Case" (the bottom item).

4. GoldMine will now drop you into a New Case window for the associated Contact.

Unfortunately, this does not present the "full blown" New Case window; rather it only allows you to create the "default" Case Type and enter in some Notes.

However, it's a great way to easily create a Case, something which I don't see a lot of folks doing. Try it!

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