Sunday, November 25, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Differences Between Quick Campaigns and Marketing Campaigns

Clients often ask about the differences between a Quick Campaign and a Marketing Campaign in MSCRM 2011. Below, please find specifics on these differences.

Quick Campaigns are generally used by Marketing and Sales teams as a fast and easy way to distribute content to their Marketing List members. You can select members for Quick Campaigns in three ways:
  • Select records from Account, Contact, or Lead views; then click "Create Quick Campaign" in the ribbon.
  • Use Marketing Lists to select the members;then click “Create Quick Campaign”.
  • Use Advanced Find to search records; in the Results area, click“Create Quick Campaign”
 You can assign Quick Campaigns to:
  • Yourself
  • The owner of the records the activity is being distributed to
  •  Another User or Team
You can distribute only one activity to the Marketing List members.

The following are features of “Campaigns” in CRM:
  • Target Marketing Lists - used to create lists of Leads, Contacts, or Accounts in order to distribute your Marketing content (can also be used for Quick Campaigns).
  • Campaign Activities –  are the customer touch points for the Campaign and can either be distributed to the Marketing List members or act as “To Do’s” for the campaign (can also be used for Quick Campaigns).Planning Activities –  Helps you organize all of the activities required for launching and operating the campaign. These are different than “Campaign Activities.”
  • Planning Activities can be any type of activity record and has the same functionality as all other Activities in CRM. Target Products – can add products to a campaign to reflect what the campaign is promoting. This will also reflect what revenue those campaigns generated if the campaign responses are promoted to Opportunities, and then Closed Sales.
  • Sales Literature –if the content is about a product or service, Sales Literature can be added to a Campaign to make it easy for follow-up about the Campaign.
  • Campaign Templates – Can ensure that multiple campaigns driven by different staff members all contain the same activities, product info, etc. and can reduce the amount of time and planning required.
  • Campaign Costs – Cost values can be added to a Campaign in order to accurately track the ROI and financial information associated with that Campaign. These cost values include:
§  Budget Allocated – The amount budgeted for the campaign
§  Misc. Costs – Any cost not incurred by campaign activities
§  Estimated Revenue – The expected revenue generated from the campaign
  • Campaign Activity Costs – Cost values can be associated with each Campaign Activity in order to track the actual cost of that activity through your Marketing Campaign. These cost values include:
§  Budget Allocated – The amount budgeted for that specific activity; this is not rolled up to the campaign budget allocated
§  Actual Cost – What the actual cost was for that activity

Note:  When you save the above cost-related information, CRM calculates and displays the following information in the financial tab of the campaign:
§  Total cost of campaign activities = Accumulative cost of all campaign activities
§  Total cost of campaign = Campaign activity cost plus misc. costs

Below is a table that shows the details of the differences between a Quick Campaign and a Campaign in a clear and concise manner. Thank you to Gonzalo Ruiz for putting this together.

Marketing Campaigns
Quick Campaigns
Campaign activities
Can distribute multiple activities
Can only distribute one activity
Several built-in reports are available out of the box
No built-in reports available
Can save campaigns as templates and create campaigns from templates
Cannot use templates with quick campaigns.
Can track financial information and measure ROI
No financial information tracked/ROI.
Can create multiple planning activities associated with the campaign
No planning activities can be created / associated.
Products / Price Lists
Can associate target products and price lists
Cannot associate target products or price lists


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