Sunday, January 27, 2013

GoldMine : The Search Center - Adding Columns

  One of the best things ever is the ability, nay, the ease with which an end user can add and remove columns to the GoldMine Search Center. This is a per-user setting and can be changed at will. More useful still is the fact that you will be able to sort on any added column.

1. From within your Search Center, click on the Columns button.

2.  Go to the "Column Selection" tab.

3. Simply select columns to add from the left hand side, then use the "arrow" buttons to add them to the right hand side, where they will be displayed within the Search Center.

4. You may also re-order your columns by clicking the up and down arrows.

5. Ok your way out, there is no need to restart GoldMine.

Try it!

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