Sunday, January 27, 2013

GoldMine : The Search Center - Exporting Records

  When I train new GoldMine users, the question always comes; "How do I get my records out?". The answer, thankfully, couldn't be simpler.

1. Right-click, select "Output to... | Excel".

  That, just that. If I sound like an awestruck geek, it's because I am and I am. I know of no other CRM product existing that makes it easier for an end user to create a spreadsheet out of any list they see in GoldMine.

  For instance, the right-click Output To functionality can be used within;

  - The Search Center
  - The History and Pending Tabs
  - The SQL Query records list
  - The Master Users List fact, it can be used anywhere you see "rows" in a window. Try it and happy list building!

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