Sunday, January 27, 2013

GoldMine : The Search Center - Increasing max records

 Building lists in GoldMine is easy. We're starting to see a lot of our clients re-engaging their Suspects and Prospects lately. And typically, the first step in this process is to build a list. This list invariably needs to find it's way to Excel.
  Ever since GoldMine Premium was released, this is actually very easy to do by simply using the Search Center. But the first thing we must do is understand and modify how Goldmine displays records within the Search Center.

*Note: This is a system-wide configuration setting. When you make this change, you make it for everyone. Large values could lead to a decrease in performance.

1. Select Tools | Configure | System Settings.

2. Click the Display tab.

3. Increase the "Maximum Records" amount to X.

4. Ok your way out.

5. You will need to restart GoldMine to effect the change.

  So, what's X? You want X to be above the maximum number of records you'll ever want to see in your Search Center. So, if your list is going to be "around" 10,000 records, make sure this value is above 10,000. To give you an idea, I have mine set to 75,000. If there is a need to build a list reaching the hundreds of thousands, this would be better served by some back-end SQL Exporting.


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