Sunday, January 27, 2013

GoldMine : The Search Center - Using Filters and Groups

  Did you know that your Filters and Groups are available within the Search Center? This is much more convenient than using the "Preview" functionality within the Filters and Groups window.

1. From within your Search Center, click the "Filters/Groups" button. You'll see that the left hand side opens up, showing a tree view of your Filters and Groups.

2. Simply open the tree view and select the Filter or Group you wish to view. Double-click to activate it.

3. You may be asked to add a limit to the Search. This it optional and you may click "No".

4. To select the Filters or Groups of a different user, simply click on the "Filters of..." or "Groups of..." items within the tree and select the appropriate username.

Note: After "activating" a Filter or Group, it will stay activated until you release it by right-clicking on the Filter tree and selecting "Release Preview".

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