Wednesday, February 20, 2013

QuickBooks: Using Your Company Letterhead

Most people only think of QuickBooks as a financial reporting system but it can do a lot more. You can actually stay in QuickBooks and write letters on your own letterhead with just a little bit of setup.  This article will show you how to create a QuickBooks letter template with your company letterhead.

There will be more articles coming in the following months to help you do as much as possible while staying in QuickBooks.

If your company letterhead already exists as a Microsoft Word Document you can convert your existing letterhead to a QuickBooks Letter Template. It is best to start with a blank letterhead document. You can then edit it as you need to use it. 

1.   Go to Company > Prepare Letters with Envelopes > Customize Letter Templates
2.   Select Convert an Existing Microsoft Word Document to a Letter Template and click Next
3.   Click on the Browse button and select your company letterhead from your existing word documents.  Enter a name for your letter (such as C-Ltrhd(meaning Letterhead for customers) in the popup box then select the type of letter that you would like to create the template for (in this case use Customers).
4.   When you click Next your existing company letterhead on word will open. In this case it will be a blank letterhead document.
5.   QuickBooks should present a dropdown from which you can select the form fields to include which will populate with the specifics from your data file. Select the appropriate fields and insert them into the document. (If the form fields are not available for choosing, you will have to enter them)*. Close it.
6.   QuickBooks will then present a screen that says “Use the New Letter Template” and tell you what it is called and where it is located.
7.   You can use the letterhead template now, or later.

*Future articles will include viewing and editing existing templates, organizing and taking control of your communications using QuickBooks.  Be sure to stay tuned!


Shakshi S said...

Sample company letterhead often is the first section a reader notices on a letter. Thus, it is important your letterhead appropriately reflect the essence of the individual or business

aliya seen said...

I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.Cheers for the info!!!! example of company profile