Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GoldMine : Contact Record Field Order

I am a big fan of keystrokes as opposed to mouseclicks. So when I'm entering in contact information you had better believe I'm using the TAB key to navigate between fields.

To set up the TABstop order for your fields, go into Screen Design mode:

Right-click on the contact record and select "Screen Design". Your contact record should now show a grid. Single-clicking on a field will select it. Then a doubleclick will bring up your field properties, which is what we're after.

Within the Field Properties, go to the "Layout" tab. Now change the "Field Order Position".

What I find helpful is to print a screen shot of you GoldMine contact record, and then with a pen, write in on each field what you'd like the position (order) to be. Only then start editing your field properties. This way, you're less likely to get lost in your tabstop order (I know I do).

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