Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GoldMine : Picklists and Multiple Values

Picklists are wonderful, I think. You of course know that every field in GoldMine has a picklist associated with it. Just click into a field and then click the little gray arrow to the right of the field.

Now, as you click a value from your list, the field reflects that value. But what if we'd like to hold multiple values?

You can simply put a semicolon at the end of your picklist choices like this:

Let us suppose the field we are dealing with is the Account Manager field. If we need to be able to assign both JUSTIN and COREY as Account Managers, add these values to the Account Manager picklist:


You'll see that when you pick a value with a semicolon, it will append the selected value to the field, separated by a comma. Try it!

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