Wednesday, March 27, 2013

QuickBooks: Design Security Deposit Receipts

“I just purchased a rental property and am about to collect my first check – Security Deposit and first month rent. I know I need to have clear indication of what was collected for security deposit vs. what was collected for rent. I would like to design forms and receipts with our company letterhead – one for the monthly rent and one for the Security Deposit.  How would I go about this?”

First things first…. I am glad to learn that you know that you need to be specific about what has been paid toward Security Deposit and what has been collected for rent. Unfortunately, there are many landlords that do not know all the rules for accounting as a landlord.

Now to the heart of your question. Designing forms is the same process throughout QuickBooks – open a form and use the Customize Button on the tan tool bar.  However, a fast way to make a NEW design template as in your case is as follows:

Lists –> Templates –> Select a Sales Receipt. 

When it opens, select Manage Templates on the top left - copy it and name it Security Deposit Receipts. Then customize it to your design style (pay attention to the Additional Customization button). 

When that is done, you may want to copy that template and call it Monthly Rent Receipt and then change the default name on it. This way, all the design styles you just created on the prior receipt will be in place (colors, fonts….) and you will have two templates to use.

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