Monday, April 29, 2013

GoldMine : Adding Menu Items

Did you know how easy and fun it is to add menu items to GoldMine? Back in "the day" this was always a problematic procedure, but now with Premium Edition, this works fantastically well.

1. In GoldMine, click the thin "down arrow" button all the way at the "end" (the right hand side) of your toolbar.

2. From the drop down, select "Add or Remove Buttons", then "Customize..."

3. Select the "Commands" tab.

4. From the list of available items in the right-hand pane, simply click-drag an item from the list up to the toolbar where you'd like it to be. Rinse and repeat for any desired items.

5. Also, while you're here, you can remove toolbar items by click-dragging them OFF of the toolbar.

Try it!

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