Monday, April 29, 2013

GoldMine : Sorting your History and Pending Tabs

Did you know that you can perform all kinds of sorting and filtering within the History and Pending tabs? It's easy;

1. To Sort by a column in the History Tab, simply click on the column header. To get back to the "Default" sort, click on the Date tab until it sorts descending.

2. To Filter on a column value, click the little "down arrow" on the right of the column header. The drop down list will provide you with all the unique values available to Filter on. Simply select an item from the list. Note that unique values that do not exist are not displayed in the list. That is; if there are no Appointments in the current History Tab, Appointments will not be available from the Activity drop down.

Note: Once you select a Filter in this manner, the Tab will remain filtered until you "release" it by clicking on the little grey arrow in the bottom left hand corner of the Tab.

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