Monday, April 29, 2013

GoldMine : Using GoldMine E-mail

Did you know that GoldMine has it's own "internal" e-mail? This can be really handy when you want to send very GoldMine specific things to other GoldMin users.

To send a GoldMine E-Mail;

1. Select Schedule | GoldMine E-mail from the top level menu.

2. Select the user you want to send to by dropping down the "To:" list. (GoldMine User Groups are also displayed here)

3. Note that the e-mail you are composing is connected to the Current Contact Record, so it's important to be on the "correct" record.

4. When finished, simply hit the "Send" button in the top left hand corner. After that, the e-mail message appears in the Contacts' Pending Tab and the GoldMin Users' Inbox. And like any other e-mail in GoldMine, needs to be Completed.


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