Wednesday, April 24, 2013

QuickBooks: Finding a Customized QuickBooks Letter Template

Sometimes there is a problem finding a template that was created or edited – often because it was not saved during the editing process and added to the letter template list. 

The following steps will guide you through the process.
·         Close any open windows in QuickBooks.
·         Select Company menu option.
·         Select Prepare Letters and Envelopes from the drop down.
·         Select the Type of letter to prepare.  (i.e., customer, vendor, etc.)
·         Review and Edit Recipients window appears.
·         Select the dates and customers you wish to create letters for. Click Next.
·         Select the button, Create or Edit a letter template.
·         Select Convert an Existing Microsoft Word Document to a Letter Template. Click next.
·         You will be at a window titled Choose an Existing Microsoft Word document. Select the browse tab and browse to the saved template.
·         You will now select the type of letter again; the default will be the last type you choose. Click Next.
·         In this window you will have an opportunity to rename the template if you choose. Select OK and Next.
·         This will open up the saved Word Document so that you can edit if needed.  Once editing is done, or no further editing needs to be done, you can close the Word Document.
·         Click on the tab Use Template and select Next.
·         This will take you back to the Review and Edit Recipients screen. After choosing the names and dates you wish to create letters select Next.
·         Your customized template will now appear in the list of Letter templates.


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