Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GoldMine : Click-Drag to Schedule

Ah, the GoldMine calendar. The pinnacle of human software development; a panacea of unrealized efficiency! But why, oh why, is it so complicated to add a simple item to it?

Here is how your average bear might schedule an Appointment in GoldMine. And then we'll see how to do it easier.

1. Find the Contact Record you wish to schedule against.

2. Select Schedule | Appointment from the top level menu.

3. Plug in a Date, Time, Reference and Notes. Hit Ok.

Now, that may not seem like the proverbial rigamarole, but trust me, if you have to do this multiple times a day it can get annoying.

A better way is to Click-Drag the Appointment on your Calendar. Like this:

1. Find the Contact you wish to schedule against and open your Calendar (to the Day or Weekly tab).

2. Left-click Drag out a portion of time on your Calendar.

3. You'll be thrown immediately into the "Schedule an Appointment" window. You'll notice that the time and date are already filled out. All we need to do now is specify a Reference and some Notes.

Shaving a few click off might not seem like much, but it does add up!

Pro Tip of the Day : When using this method, you can always change your Activity Type to something other than Appointment by selecting it from the drop down in your Schedule window.

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