Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GoldMine : Getting a Count of Records within the Search Center

The Search Center. It looms mightily in it's own tab, prepared to help you search for a contact or build a list of contacts.

Did you know that the Search Center can perform some stupid pet tricks?

1. You can add columns by clicking the "Columns" button, going to "Column Selection" and selecting what you want to see.

2. You can add multiple levels of search criteria by clicking the "plus" sign on the right hand side of the Search Box.

3. You can sort your Search Center by easily clicking on the column headers.

4. You can export your list to Excel by right-clicking and selecting Output to | Excel.

5. And finally, you can see a count of the records within your Search Center by right-clicking and selecting "Summary".

Try it out!


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