Thursday, May 30, 2013

MSCRM: Creating Mail Merge Letter Templates

Create a Letter Template for Global Use
* Determine for which entity (i.e. Account, Contact, Lead or Custom) the letter template should be created.

* From the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client or the Web Client, select recipients(s) from the entity list view or from within a particular record and then click the Add tab.
* Click Mail Merge.
* Under Start with a: Select blank template since you are creating a new template.
* Under Merge: Select Selected records on current page.
* Under Select data fields: Click on the data fields button. This is where the fields that can be inserted into your template are chosen. Note: fields from entities that are related to the entity for which the template is being created are also available to be added to the template.

* Microsoft Office Word will be automatically opened.

Click the Add-In tab and click on CRM.
* Follow Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge wizard panel:
* Choose Recipients
* Insert the date, address block, body of the letter and signature and format appropriately.
* Complete the merge by printing.

Note: If the mail merge was initiated through the Outlook Client, you will have an option at this point to automatically upload the Template to CRM. If the mail merge was initiated through the web client, you need to save the template (XML file) and then go into Settings, Templates, Mail Merge Template and manually upload the saved template.

In both cases you will now need to make the template available to the Organization. Go to Settings, Templates, Mail Merge Template, Select the New Template, Drop Down on More Actions and choose to Make Available to New Organization.

The letter template is now available to be used. When you go back into to do a mail merge using this template, in the first page of the wizard, under Start with a: select Existing Template.

Note: If a mail merge is initiated through the Outlook Client, you will have an option after completing the merge to create a letter activity at that time. If a mail merge is initiated through the web client, you will need to manually create a letter activity.