Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crystal Reports : Zero Divide Errors

When division occurs within calculated fields, there is always the risk of getting the dreaded "zero divide error". This happens, obviously, when a calculation tries to divide the number zero.

And since we all know that underlying data cannot be trusted 100%, it is necessary to test for these zero divide errors within our Formula Field.

Example: The formula field called {frmSalesPerDay} is a simple division of {NumSales} by {NumDays}.

So our {frmSalesPerDay} code should look like this:

if {NumSales} = 0 then 0 else {NumSales} / {NumDays}

So, if {NumSales} equals zero, then we simply return a zero and exit the formula. Otherwise, we let it perform the division.

This is important any zero divide error will halt the report completely!

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