Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zoho Views - How to edit and creat your own.

Zoho CRM Views

Zoho CRM data is very easy to access, once you discover the power of Views.

Views are "QUICK" reports, just without calculations or totals. 

Views are accessible from every module or menu bar option.

Views provide quick access to your Activities, Customers and Potentials.

To access your views simply select a module or menu option at the top of the Zoho CRM.  The Example below shows the Activities Module selected.

Just below the menu, on the top left, you will see the Views "drop down" PREDEFINED selection window.  Clicking on the down arrow will display the many views already available.

Hovering over the Views "drop Down" area will display CREATE or EDIT options.

EDIT allows you to simply change the columns of data in that existing View.

CREATE allows you to Add columns AND specify a "SEARCH CRITERIA" where you can filter data to your needs.

See below for CREATE options: Notice there IS a CRITERIA section.

See below for EDIT option:  Notice there is NO CRITERIA section in EDIT option.

Simply EDIT existing views to personalize your data, or CREATE new views with filter options to help you stay focused on information which helps you sell better.

When you CREATE new views, you can name and save them.  They will now be displayed below the predefined views as CUSTOM VIEWS.

Your Custom CREATED Views can also be saved with access rights as to who can see these views. 

So login to you Zoho CRM and play view views and see how they can help you focus on driving new revenue.

Happy Selling!


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