Friday, July 26, 2013

Zoho CRM - Leads, Leads & Leads


In Zoho CRM, Leads are a very powerful module with several critical functions that can:

Three Quick Tips to help you use leads more effectively

1) Search first, then add the new lead if it doesn't exist.

Searching first will reduce the amount of possible duplicates.  If the Lead already exists, then simply add your additional data to the existing form.

2) Add as much data/intelligence in the form as possible.

 Adding or completing as many fields in the form, prior to converting, will save you from manually editing three records (Contacts, Accounts & Potentials) after the fact.

3) Convert the Lead only when you feel there is a defined interest, time frame, intent or monetary value. Or when there are multiple contacts per company.

Converting a lead implies that you now have a relationship, intent/interest and/or monetary value that this person will add to your revenue / commissions.

Converting a Lead actually MOVES the data into three forms (Contacts, Accounts & Potentials).  Once converted, the Lead form is gone forever.

Using Leads also allows you to better delineate between prospecting and actual active opportunities that require more time, effort and expertise from your sales team.

Happy Selling!


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