Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zoho Tips and Tricks - Renaming Menu Tabs

Renaming Menu Tabs in Zoho CRM Helps the Sales Team by Using Terms / Jargon They Use.

Menu Tabs or Modules Names in the top menu can be changed to reflect the terms and jargon your Sales Team actually use on a daily basis. 

1) To change the Menu Tab Names, simply click on Setup from any screen.  In the Setup screen, click on Tabs, under customization.

2) In the Tabs screen, click on Rename Tabs option.  Then click Rename on the tab you wish to change.

3) Enter the New Name in both fields.  Then Click Save.

4) Your Tab has now been changed to a term your Sales Team understands.

You can change the names of any tab to help your Sales Team better identify using terms and jargon they are used to using on a daily basis.

Note:  The Views and Reports will also display these new names as well.

Happy Selling.

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