Friday, October 25, 2013

Activity Type Basics in Zoho CRM

Which activity TYPE should I use?

(...what's the difference?)

Activities are broken into three categories:

1) Tasks - To Do's, with a deadline and to whom delegated.
2) Events - Meetings with a specific PLACE/Time to be with Invitees.
3) Calls - Phone Conversations with Notes and Duration and with Whom.

Tasks - A List only - No Calendar

Can be completed from anywhere at anytime by anyone.
Has a Creator and can be delegated to any company team member.
Can be associated or Linked to any Account, Contact or Potential.
The due date can easily be rescheduled or changed with no coordination.
Requires you to change the status to "In Progress" or "Closed".

But...Does not require you to be at a specific place or with anyone.
Does not have specific time duration.  Can take 5 minutes or an entire day. 
And Tasks do not show up on a calendar.

Events - Shows up on a Calendar or on a List

Requires you to be at a specific place at a specific time.
Has a specific time duration in terms of hours and minutes.
Has invitees, or those with whom you will meet.
Can be internal only - with only company members.
Can include invitees who are Customer Contacts.
Shows up on a calendar and requires resource availability coordination.

But...can't be easily changed or rescheduled....without coordination with all invitees.
Doesn't require you to change the status or close the event.  It is either in the future or has passed.

Calls - Conversations with customers "As They Happen"

Mostly used for Cold Calling or tracking Billable time.
Captures InBound and Outbound conversation details.
Captures actual "Timer" duration or Start and End Time.
Used for External Customers only.
Shows up on a List or Report.
Can track all calls and their duration.

But...Can't be scheduled in advance.
Does not show up on a calendar.

Happy Selling.

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