Friday, October 25, 2013

GoldMine : Placing a Notes Indicator

Here’s a handy indicator to put on the top half of the contact window.

First, while logged in with master rights do a Right-Click>New Field.

Select dBASE Expression from the drop down list and click OK.

Move the field to an area of the screen where you have open space, then Double-Click on it.

In the Field Data Expression area, type in "Has Notes" with the double-quotes. You don’t need a Field Data Name in Database for this function. Choose the Color tab, and in Data Color select Expression. Type or paste in

iif(trim(notes) > ' ', 255, 16777215)

Finally, in the Layout tab, set the Field Label to be 0 and the Data Size to be 10. Then click OK.

The “Has Notes” field will only appear if there are notes in the Notes tab.

One word of caution in GoldMine Premium Edition. If you put a note in, then delete it, it actually stays in the database so the indicator may still say "Has Notes" even though the tab looks empty.

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