Sunday, October 20, 2013

MSCRM: Merging Dynamics CRM 2011 forms with the New 2013 Forms

If you are using the 2013 release of Dynamics CRM, you’ve probably noticed that all the main entities have a new form design.  The default form name is now the name of the entity, as opposed to ‘Information’.  You may be wondering what happened to the old forms.   The old forms are still in the system, but they need to be transitioned into the new format.  If you had customizations, you probably don’t want to re-create your forms from scratch, and luckily, you don’t have to.

You can view all the forms available to an entity by navigating to customizationsèForms and selecting ‘all forms’ as the view:
Note that the Contact form from the 2011 version of Dynamics CRM, ‘Information’, is still in the system in a Deactivated state.  If you have a form from an earlier version of Dynamics CRM that you’d like to continue using, you can bring all the customizations of your old ('Classic') form into the new form using the Merge Forms command.
Here’s how.  From the new form, select Merge Forms:

All existing  Classic forms, both active and inactive, will appear in a list:
Select the form you want to merge and click ‘add’.  The merged content appears at the bottom of the form.  All tabs from the previous form will also be appended to the current form.
Note: The ‘Merge Forms’ button is only active on main 2013 forms – you can only bring Classic form into a new (‘Orion’) form.


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