Friday, November 22, 2013

MSCRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has encountered an error. Again.

If you are using MS Dynamics 2013, you might have noticed this message popping up more frequently:

Normally, I want to see this message because I want to be aware of when CRM errors are occurring, but they are really starting to slow me down.  You can change your privacy settings either to allow the error report to be sent automatically, without notifying you, or not to notify you or send an error report.  I always send the error reports in the hope that it will help improve the product.
To change your error notification settings in CRM, you can either click on the link within the error message (Change error notification settings), or change the privacy settings in your personal options.  In CRM 2013, you do it like this:
Which Opens up your Personal Options Screen.  Select the Privacy Tab:
 Select your desired option, and you're all set!