Friday, December 27, 2013

GoldMine : 2014 Resolution #1

Resolution #1 : Update the Credit Cards in my Infocenter

I pay for a lot of stuff online, being a shut-in consultant and all. And I keep my credit card numbers in my GoldMine infocenter, which works great until the expiry dates, well, expire and CVV numbers change with new cards.

1. In GoldMine, select Go To | InfoCenter

2. This is where I keep my Info. That is, along with my credit card numbers, I keep driving directions to my office from different highway exits (for easy sending to clients). There are how-to's on using my FedEx account to send a package, instructions on how to access the system bios of Dell Laptops. All kinds of things.

3. Don't forget you can arrange the Infocenter using the Book, Folder and Page tree to make stuff easy to find.

4. Don't forget that you can attach a file to a Infocenter entry by clicking on the paperclip button along the top hand toolbar.

I've often found that this is one of the most underused features of GoldMine. Being able to look up my credit card info, or directions easily just saves so much time in the end.


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