Friday, December 27, 2013

GoldMine : 2014 Resolution #2

Resolution #2 : Organize my Picklists

  I am chagrinned to say that my GoldMine Picklists are atrocious. Just beastly. This hurts the whole keeping-good-history thing and needs to be corrected! This is also a good time to mull over next years strategies a bit. Picklist items feed reports which in turn feed the business. But on the other hand, too much picklist can be a hinderance. Confusing for new users. In all cases, keeping it simple is the best policy.

1. As MASTER or equivalent, from within ANY picklist, you can create New, Delete or Edit existing entries.

2. The Setup button will allow access to the "fun stuff". The ability to revoke Deleting or Editing from Users. To force a valid input (from the list). Play around a little, see how different settings behave before you decide to keep them.

3. Don't forget you can always right-click | Output To | Excel if you need to print one of the picklists.

Happy cleaning!

1 comment:

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