Friday, December 27, 2013

GoldMine : 2014 Resolution #3

Resolution #4 : Delete Users who Haven't Worked Here in the Last Ten Years or Ever

  I'm going to stop putting it off, really I am. Even though PAM's now married and isn't PAMB anymore; now she's PAMV. But her e-mail is set up under PAMB. What will happen to her e-mails? And there's another user, something called WEBAPI. Can I delete that user? Pretty sure there's no one here by that name.

  Today we're just going to do it.

1. In GoldMine, as MASTER or equivalent, select Tools | Users' List

2. Right-click within the User List and select Output To | Excel

3. Take that list and check it twice; make sure you don't delete anything that won't bear deleting (i.e. a WEBAPI login or something like that). Understand every username on the list.

4. Once ready to delete, go back to Tools | Users List

5. One at a time, select the User to delete. Click the Delete button.

6. You'll be prompted with four choices:

  a. Reassign Pending Activites to a Specified User. When deleting this user, all their outstanding calendar items and unfiled e-mails will "land" on the specified user.
  b. Complete the Pending and Unfiled... This allows you to complete the outstanding items en-masse. A resultcode is recommended here.
  c. Leave the Users... Choose this to leave the outstanding items alone. They'll still be there "in the database", but since the GoldMine user is going away, those items will be impossible to "see".
  d. Delete... The most popular choice. Will only delete PENDING and UNFILED e-mails. All User history is preserved forever.

I'm gonna get to this tomorrow, I swear!

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