Friday, December 27, 2013

GoldMine : 2014 Resolution #4

Onward we go...

Resolution #4 : Complete my History when the History Actually Happens

  Those who know me know that I shout loudly from the rooftops "complete your histories!". I do so with fervor and righteous anger. But I will confess, I don't always complete them when I should. Often I will get "small" service incidents, where I answer a simple question. Nothing billed. Not entirely appropriate for GoldMine History, is it? Is it? Or when I finish a painful call at the end of business on Friday. Do I stop on my way screaming and crying out the front door to complete my call notes perfectly? I am honor bound to say that no, I do not.

  What does it matter? In the first case, nothing billed so nothing lost, right? But what if I told them the Wrong Thing? What IF my advice screwed everything up over there? Or - every consultants worst nightmare - WHAT IF my advice was MISUNDERSTOOD, acted upon, and THEN screwed everything up and now we're being blamed?

  What if all that was needed to set the world to rights and save my job was KNOWING what the hell I had advised on the phone those few days ago. Which I WOULD know if I simply completed the history at the time of the call.

  Or the second case, where Call Notes are completed, but do not contain as much detail as I would like. Again, the same scenario results, in a way. Your service reports to the client/boss look like crap because they aren't voluminous enough.

  Remember the Consultants Nightmare; good history is an IMPENETRABLE DEFENSE.

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