Friday, December 27, 2013

GoldMine : 2014 Resolution #5

My New Years' GoldMine resolutions!

Resolution #5 : Check my backups.

This does not fall, ordinarily, within the GoldMine scheme of things, but this is a question worth asking to yourself. The Cryptolocker virus actually made headlines this past year, and that should be enough to wake you in the middle of the night, visions of impending doom racing through your mind.

Your backup strategy should not only be thought out, it should be tested. In these, the halcyon days of the Cloud, this is sometimes easy to forget.  

If you have an IT guy, you can ask him; How often is GoldMine backed up? How many days can we "go back"? What if a synchronized laptop failed in the field? Could we just re-sync it, or is their data on it that will be lost forever?

If you don't, you can ask us.

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