Thursday, December 19, 2013

MSCRM: Deleting Dynamics CRM Users in the Office 365 Portal

There are currently two ways organizations access Miscrosoft Dynamics CRM.  Some organizations still use live id's, some login through the Office 365 Portal:

If you are a System Administrator and access your CRM through the Office 365 Portal, you already know that you add your users in the Office 365 Portal, then set security roles for them in CRM so they can log in.  Fine.  So how do you remove a user from CRM?

Step 1: Go into the Office 365 Portal.
Step 2: From the Dashboard, select Users and Groups:

Step 3: Don't click on the name of the user you want to delete.  Simply put a check in the box next to their name, then the option to delete them will appear:

After you delete the user(s) in the Office 365 Admin area, the deleted users will be disabled automatically in CRM.  The licenses associated with the deleted users are now available to new users.  If you don't have someone you want to assign the freed license to and you wish to remove it (aka stop paying for it), you must call Microsoft Billing Support at 1-877-913-2707.


Anonymous said...

If I delete a user what will happen to his data (accounts, contacts, etc...)? Do they stay in the system or I will loose all of them?

Anonymous said...

I've already reassigned all accounts, contacts etc. Past users are now disabled in CRM but in 365 they still look like active users. I'm afraid if I delete them in 365 that I will loose their data (accounts, contacts, etc). Has anyone had any experience doing this?

K Kohlhaas said...

If you've already re-assigned the User's accounts and contacts and disabled the User in MSCRM, delete them from Office 365. Otherwise, they are consuming a license- you are still paying for them!

Deleting the user from Office 365 does not delete them from MSCRM. Users cannot be deleted from MSCRM, only disabled. Even if a user is deleted from Office 365, they still exist as "Disabled" in MSCRM.

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Kali Tarzanick said...

This is a very informative post, especially for new 365 users. Thanks for the thorough explanation!

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