Monday, January 27, 2014

Crystal Reports : Calculating Age

One of the many things you will want to do with a bona-fide date field is calculate age.
Crystal makes it easy for us here; as long as we're comparing two date type fields, we can perform simple math.
Let us suppose that the date field in question is {CONTACTS.SOURCEDATE}, which represents when a particular prospect was imported into our database.

1. We can see how many records were imported in the last seven days

{CONTACTS.SOURCEDATE} <= CurrentDate() - 7

2. Or how "old" any particular record is, expressed in days


3. To calculate the age in years, we must use the Crystal DateDiff function:

DateDiff("yyyy", {CONTACTS.SOURCEDATE}, CurrentDate())

The "yyyy" specifies we want the answer in years; "m" and "d" are also options (months and days, correspondingly)


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