Monday, January 27, 2014

Crystal Reports : Using a Formula as a Group

One of the most effective techniques I've learned is how to group on a formula.
Think of it this way: the logic of the formula can be whatever you want it to be. So, any "high-level" corporate logic can be expressed here.
Take for example a table called HISTORY in which are listed history items per user.
Let us create a formula that will "kick-out" a value based on HISTORY.DATE.

IF {HISTORY.DATE} > CURRENTDATE - 30 THEN "History within 30 Days" ELSE
IF {HISTORY.DATE} < CURRENTDATE - 30 THEN "History beyond 30 Days" ELSE

Now this formula can be used as a Group.

You will notice that the last line is an ELSE {HISTORY.DATE}. This is because if a {HISTORY.DATE} does NOT fall into our formula criteria, then it will be "skipped". The final ELSE works as a "catch-all".

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