Monday, January 27, 2014

GoldMine : Turning the Trash Can On/Off within the E-mail Center

Did you know that you can disable the Trash Can within the GoldMine E-mail Center? Actually, can either turn it *OFF*, or set it up to automatically purge itself.

To access your Trash Can settings;

1. In GoldMine, select Tools | Options | Email Tab.

2. Click on "More Options".

3. Click on the "E-mail Center" Tab.

4. To DISABLE your Trash Can, simply uncheck the box labeled "Move Deleted E-mail To Trash Can".

5. To force your Trash Can to empty itself, simply check the box labeled "Empty Trash Can when...".

6. Ok you way out.

Some folks prefer to disable their trash can as a VERY full trash can can sometimes impact performance when working within the E-Mail Center.

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