Monday, January 20, 2014

MSCRM: Quick Create

Happy New Year!

Hopefully most of you have transitioned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and are exploring the new features.  Today we will take a closer look at the new Quick Create feature.

The Quick Create feature is available from anywhere in your CRM.  The purpose of this feature is to allow you to quickly create a record by entering a small amount of data.  Best Practice Tip - go back into the record later and fill in more detailed data when you are not pressed for time.

Let's get started!

Step 1:

Click the Create Button found at the top of your screen.  This button is always visible.

Step 2:

Select the type of Activity or Record you would like to create.  Activities that may be created include: Task, Phone Call, Email, or Appointment. Records that may be created include: Account, Case, Competitor, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity.

In this example, Contact has been selected.

Step 3:

A Quick Create Contact form drops down over the top section of your screen.  Note that the only required field is the Contact's last name.

Enter your Contact data into the fields, click on Save when you are finished.  The form will close, a message will appear at the top of your screen stating that the Contact was added.

That's it!  Don't forget to go back into the record later and enter additional data as it becomes available.

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