Monday, January 20, 2014

MSCRM: Social Insights

One of the best new features in the release of Dynamics CRM 2013, is its integration with Social Insights. With Social Insights, you can see connections, company profiles, breaking news, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter Feeds, etc., all within your crm.   Best of all, it's free!  (Professional License required).

This new feature will also allow you to save data to your CRM.  To illustrate, let's say I have Microsoft as an Account in my crm.  I don't know much about Microsoft, so most of the crm fields in our Microsoft Account record are blank.  In contrast, the Social Insights area on the account record contains a lot of data and displays this:

If I click on the Sync button (circled in the screenshot above), a form opens up and asks what fields I'd like to sync.  It's a one-way sync that gives you the option to pull data into your crm.  I can sync all, some or none at all.

Since most of the Microsoft Account fields in our crm did not contain data, this was very handy!
So, how do you get Social Insights?  Comes with my Professional License, right?  But it must be installed into your crm by your System Administrator.

Here's how:

1. Import the Solution.  The link below contains the download and detailed instructions for importing the solution.  Complete steps 1-9 as described in the instructions.

2.  Want User or Admin Guide? Click on the link below (and scroll to the bottom).

Once the solution is imported, the Social Insights area will appear automatically in the Default Contact, Account, Lead, and Opportunity Forms.  No need to customize the Default forms.


Notes:  If you are NOT using the default forms,  insert Social Insights into your customized form as a web resource like this:

Organizations still using Windows Live Ids have reported issues with not being able to set up the Sync.  I will keep you posted on this issue.

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